Your Career….It’s All Relative

Your Career….It’s All Relative

When I started in the corporate world a long time ago I labored under the assumption that every hour of every day was created equally.

Boy, was I wrong.

I had no concept of the importance of the “pivotal moments” – the ones that sometimes distinguished careers and greatly accelerated the trajectory of some employees versus others.

Over time I began to recognize the short cuts some were able to take while others simply labored on. I called them Wormholes – and for a reason.

The really intuitive career traveler not only sees pivotal moments when they arise – they leverage them.

Example – that staff meeting next week where you present your numbers for your area of the world. It’s a 30-minute presentation. Here’s what and how most approach the opportunity.

“I have 30 minutes…I’ll pull a few key slides, hit the main points, and ask what questions the audience has.”

Now, here’s what the Career Winner does.

“I’ll confirm who my audience is – what they hope to hear – and what “great” really looks like.”

The above might sound like simple logic. It’s not. Very few apply true critical thinking to their career. It’s the ones that do who optimize the pivotal moments.

The rest – well, they just react.

My example of the Career Pivotal Moment is borrowed from – of all things – The Theory of Relativity and Albert Einstein, who back in 1935 first hypothesized that there are short cuts through space and time. He called those passages “wormholes” and suggested it was these narrow channels that could eventually lead to journeys through the universe and the time continuum unlike anything conventional science might allow for.

My guess is that it will take another hundred years to confirm the validity of his theories.

But believe me when I say the wormholes in your professional life are very real. It’s up to you to find them – and navigate through.

I’ve watched a few accelerate their career climb because they did.

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