The Road You Choose

The Road You Choose

Today thousands of Americans will go to work – most of them will start a job.


A few will grow that job into a career.


A job means that If I do my work then someone will pay me.


A career means that if I do what I love then it will pay me.


Jobs are transactional.


Careers are transformational.


A job could end tomorrow – and often does.


A career endures – no matter the paycheck.


Jobs are soon forgotten.


Great careers live on.


Jobs matter because they pay the bills.


Careers matter because they pay the world.


Jobs can be measured only in terms of dollars and cents.


Careers can be measured in terms of impact on others.


The payoff on a job will be reflected in what you bought.


The payoff on a career will be reflected in what you built.


Anyone can find a job.


Far fewer will find a career.


Finding a great job requires a classified ad.


Building a great career requires a compass.


Truly significant careers are not a product of circumstance – they are a product of choice


You get only one life – what will your choice be?

  • sonya evelin
    Posted at 06:39h, 01 December Reply

    each person has their own way, and every person has the right to choose his way of life, good post tks

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