Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock

I subscribe to The 1440 Principle.


Its tenets are pretty simple.


  • All of us have three unique resources at our disposal:
    • Our time
    • Out talent
    • Our passion
  • Two of the resources are renewable. One isn’t – and that’s our time.
  • I’ll get 1,440 minutes today. No matter how hard I work…or how much I want to expand my day I’ll still ONLY get 1,440. So will you. So will the leader of the free world, the guy who sweeps the hall in your office building, and so will your Uber driver.  No exceptions.


The decisions I make will either optimize my three basic resources – or compromise them.


It took me a long time to appreciate how I managed the one non-renewable resource was going to go a long way in gauging how effectively I DID build the other two.


Probably too long.


Today I consult and teach time and energy management classes for companies and executives.


Most of what I teach I had to learn the hard way.


One of the core pieces includes the principles of what I call The Planning Golden Three.


Principle 1 – Get organized. No, really organized, not just reactive. We offer vehicles that help people survive in this age of technology. The good news is this resolves up to 25% of the problem for a great many. The bad news – it’s not nearly enough.


Principle 2 – Learn how to prioritize.  The greatest gap for most of us – I’ve met scores of highly organized professionals who are a “hot mess” as regards the day to day. Organization helps you get to efficiency but prioritization is the first step to real effectiveness.


Principle 3 – Embrace “calendarization.” You probably won’t find that word in the dictionary but it is VERY REAL. Best in class time managers schedule their priorities – they don’t just talk about them…or hope for things to get better.  Learn how to own your calendar or your calendar will own you. Very few are experts here – I sure wasn’t….routinely conceding control to other people in the form of meetings, teleconferences, report requests … you name it.


We live in a world that occasionally threatens to overwhelm – and technology and all its trappings ensure information is coming at us from all directions.


Time is a non-renewable resource to be sure…but we can go a long way in finessing it.


The decisions we make around time will either allow us to optimize our talents and our passions – or rob us of them.


The 1440 Principle is very real. And the clock is ticking for you.


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