The MOST Forward Looking People Learn From the Past

The MOST Forward Looking People Learn From the Past

One of the smartest visionaries I ever met taught me something a long time ago.

The best way to shape the future is to learn from the past.

“Insight,” they said, “doesn’t come from guessing what’s going to happen. It comes from taking the time to assess what’s already happened, factoring that into your strategy, and adapting your plans.”

At the time I thought that was fairly accurate advice – if a tad rudimentary.

Turns out my assumptions were a bit off. There is nothing rudimentary about learning from your experiences – and then applying the lessons.

If you want to check that hypothesis, check your golf scores, your walking skills, or your ability to drive an automobile. Chances are you’ve been doing each for a pretty long time – and have not gotten significantly better even after decades of practice.

The U.S. Post office started in 1789 – Fed Ex in 1971. If your life savings were being sent via the mail tomorrow which would you choose? The facility with over 200 years of “experience” or the “upstart”?

Which takes me back to this notion of the rear view mirror – taking a look at the road already traveled.

While some people – and some companies – regularly take the time to conduct their own version of an After Action Review, a great majority DON’T.

Check that – they don’t even consider there IS A PAST. 

The movers in this world are lifetime learners – and the greatest potential teacher CAN BE experience.

Cumulative years of existence mean nothing. Visionaries know that – and they make sure EVERY experience helps inform their future.

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