Your career is YOUR STORY. No one can write that story for you BUT you.

Unfortunately the cards are stacked against that story having a happy ending.


Here are the facts:


  • Most workers want to leave their place of employment. For those in their 20s that figure is over 80%
  • Three out of four workers end up in careers they didn’t plan on
  • Over half of all workers report they are not engaged in their work – they are simply surviving



The greatest financial investment of your life and over half are effectively lost on their journey. With no map, no clear path, and no guide, most are condemned to wander.


But your story doesn’t need to unfold that way.



The Compass Solution will introduce you to the four cardinal navigational points essential to your career survival that will provide you with shelter from the storms:


  • Personal Accountability
  • People
  • Process
  • Perspective





You will also learn how to leverage the three ‘Keys’ that can—if mastered— move you beyond the masses to unlock success and truly optimize your career climb:


  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Learning



The Compass Solution balances personal life experiences with proven theory – and it will change your life!


Think of The Compass Solution as the personal diary left behind by someone who walked the path before you. Someone who created a map and used it to chart a successful and fulfilling career. It is a directional guide across and over landscape where otherwise there is no path, no guidance, and – for some – no future.


Three plus decades of life experiences condensed into one no-nonsense guide of what you REALLY need to know to WIN your career.


Remember, this is YOUR story.


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