Your Career – Your Life – Your World

Your Career – Your Life – Your World

Ask 1,000 people how important trust is in their personal relationships.


Ask those same people how important it is in their careers.


Now, ask how much trust they have in their work place – with their company – with their co-workers – or their boss.


There are FIVE questions all of us have when it comes to the people around us – one of the most important:


Can I trust you? 


Like so much of life the answer is dependent as much on ourselves as the people we ask it of.


Trust is perhaps the most fragile of human qualities – because it must be nourished in order to grow. Left untended it atrophies and dies.


Its grandfather is truth.


Want to find a great job? Look for evidence of good pay and benefits.


Want to find a great career? Look for evidence of trust and truth.


Want to be a leader that matters? The answer is just as obvious.









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